Where in Spain are you going to go for best advice on mortgages, insurance and investment? What is going to be your criteria for selection? How much time, research and effort will you have to apply to find the right answers?

At Green Independent we deliver the most professional mortgage, insurance and investment advice that the Costa del Sol has to offer. Time spent with us is guaranteed to save you money. We offer the best advice. We are not tied to any insurer, bank or investment institution.

We cater directly to your specific financial needs and requirements. Our initial advice and consultation is free, our professional advisers are fully qualified and certified to UK regulatory standards. We welcome the prospect of outlining to you exactly how our service is the most productive, dynamic and tailored that you can find in the market.

Have a look around the site, and drop us an email or give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.

Managing Director

Edif. Green Independent • Urb. Pinomar CN340 Km 189 • 29600 Marbella, Málaga (Spain)
Tel: (+34) 952 833 490 • Fax: (+34) 952 833 512 • email: info@greenindependent.com