Emergency Services in Spain

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Emergency Services in Spain

All three emergency services can be contacted on 112.


Should you need an ambulance whilst in Spain, the emergency number to call is 061.

If you are a Social Security patient in Spain you will not be charged for ambulance services. Likewise if you have insurance, your insurer will reimburse your costs.

Most private hospitals and clinics also provide 24-hour ambulance services. By law, taxis are also required to transport a medical emergency to hospital if requested to do so.


The fire services can be contacted in an emergency on 080.


There are three separate police organisations in Spain.

If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of a crime such as a theft, you should report it to the National Police. They are responsible for crime investigation among other duties. They wear black uniforms and white shirts or blue military style uniforms.

Local police devote most of their time to traffic control. It is not unusual to be stopped when driving in southern Spain. You will need to show your driving licence, photo identification, documents relating to the car and valid insurance. It is an offence not to carry these documents whilst driving in Spain.

The Guardia Civil are identifiable by their green uniforms. Their responsibilities include traffic control and speed checks on main highways.

All three branches of police are armed and should be treated with due respect.

In an emergency, the police can be contacted on 091 (national), 092 (local) and 062 (guardia civil)

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