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Instructing A Lawyer

We recommend using Lawyers of Spain

Having paid an initial deposit, you will need a Spanish lawyer. We recommend that you select someone with local knowledge who speaks your language. Your lawyer will carry out numerous checks to ensure that your chosen property is indeed owned by the person selling it and that it has been marketed correctly. Your lawyer will ensure that there are no undeclared debts owing on the property and that all service bills and taxes are paid up to date.

Using a lawyer safeguards your investment and means that when you receive ownership of your property you will not inherit any outstanding debts.

If you are purchasing an off-plan property your lawyer will ensure that the developer has an insurance policy or bank guarantee in place ensuring that should the purchase not go ahead at the fault of the developer, your money plus interest of 6% will be returned.

Typically a lawyer will charge 1% – 2% of the purchase price of your property plus VAT at 16% for his services during the sale process.

Your lawyer can arrange power of attorney should you wish a third party to sign for your property on your behalf. This can be particularly convenient if you are purchasing off-plan as occupancy licenses can sometimes be granted weeks after your property is officially completed. Services such as water and electricity cannot be transferred into your name until licences to occupy are in place. You may, therefore, prefer to delay your trip to Spain until you are permitted to actually move into your property

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