Price Revolution Weekends:
Spanish property inspection trips

Andalucian Dream Homes has pioneered a unique way of buying property on the Costa del Sol, which means you can purchase at prices normally reserved for bulk investors.

Price Revolution Weekends allow you to meet other like minded buyers and see a variety of developments - and the more people who buy; the less you pay. Our exclusive Price Revolution technique uses the principles of group buying power to reduce the price of your property.

Coming on a Price Revolution Weekend to view Costa del Sol property means you can get huge discounts, which wouldn’t otherwise be available.

You only need to buy one property as there’s no tie to other buyers.
We simply use economies of scale to drive down prices.

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Price Revolution Weekends

The smart way to buy a Spanish property bargain

Rock bottom prices are usually reserved for bulk investors, but coming on our Price Revolution Weekend to view Spanish property means you can get them too.

You can only buy this way through Andalucian Dream Homes. We're the only property company with the power, and the clients like you, to negotiate this level of discount on your behalf.

What's more, every property is stamped with our seal of approval and has a bank guarantee and building licence already in place.


The Price Revolution Weekend costs £99 per person and includes the following:

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Tailor Made VIP Viewing Trips

An alternative way to view Spanish property

If a group trip is not what you’re looking for, or you have a specific property in mind, then we also offer a programme of Tailor Made VIP Viewing Trips.

Tailor Made VIP viewing trips are individually designed for you and your partner/ family. They include property viewings arranged to suit your exact budget, specifications and timescale. Tailor Made VIP viewing trips are available all year round from £129 per person. Click here for more information.

Andalucian Dream Homes: Pricing you back into the Spanish property market.


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