Public Transport in Spain

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Public Transport in Spain

Most visitors to Southern Spain take advantage of low cost car hire but if you choose not to drive in Spain you will need to use taxis or public transport.

Taxis can be found at ranks in towns and cities although sometimes you might have to wait in a queue for taxis to arrive. This is especially true when nightclubs empty and everyone wants to go home.

You can also phone for a taxi to pick you up from anywhere. Numbers can be found in the phonebook, restaurants, bars and hotels and also printed on the taxis themselves.

Fares are set according to distance and are inexpensive especially when you are sharing.

Costal areas are well served with a network of bus routes although the old adage is often true – no buses come for ages and then two arrive at once. Bus times and route information can be obtained from bus stations however the nature of traffic on the coast often means that buses come when and if congestion allows. Their destination is always displayed in or above the windscreen and you pay the driver as you get onto the bus.

If it is of vital importance that you arrive at your destination by a certain time consider hiring a taxi, as buses cannot always be relied upon to deliver you on time.

The exception to this advice is the airport bus that runs between Malaga airport and Marbella bus station. Buses leave the airport and take the toll way straight to the bus station in less than 45 minutes and vice versa. If you wish to eliminate the costs of airport parking or taxis this efficient service is a saviour for tourists and residents alike. It is also very handy for the many friends and relatives who will no doubt wish to visit you in your Spanish property thus excusing you from many airport pick ups and drop offs. Buses run every 45 minutes in high season but less regularly from October to June. Timetables are available from the airport and bus station.

Local trains run between Malaga and Fuengirola and Malaga is well connected to other cities with high-speed rail links. For information contact your local station.

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