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Tax Efficient Investment

Offshore Money Managers

Under recently introduced spanish Tax concessions, residents of Spain can now

legally invest their capital offshore tax-free
have a tax rate of well under 5% on withdrawals
avoid spanish Inheritance Tax
avoid spanish Wealth Tax

These concessions have been introduced on certain types of long term savings because Spain, having the lowest birthrate in Europe and the highest percentage of retired people, will very soon not be able to meet the pension requirements of an increasingly aging population and so, the spanish government wants to encourage people to save for their retirement to ease the burden on the State.

These concessions apply equally to all spanish residents - even those already in retirement, like the vast number of expatriates living here.

If €100,000, invested into one of these tax-efficient vehicles, made a profit of €7,000 after one year, the tax liability (for a normal 25% taxpayer) would be only €114. That's an effective tax rate of just 1.64%.

Once the investment has been held for two years, there is a 40% reduction in the gain before tax is applied and, after five years, the reduction rises to 75%.

In the example above, assuming a constant 7% p.a., the capital would grow to €140,255 after five years. If the investor then took the €40,255 profit, the tax would be a mere €722! That's an effective tax rate of just 1.79%.

Investments can start from just €15,000.

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El Corredor de Seguros es Offshore Money Managers Correduría de Seguros S.L., inscrito en el Registro Especial de la Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones Nº J-2126, de conformidad con la Ley 9/1992 de 30 de abril, teniendo contratada una póliza de seguro de responsabilidad civil para el ejercicio de la actividad. Andalucian Dream Homes es un colaborador mercantil del Corredor, por lo que interviene únicamente como comercializador de seguros al amparo del artículo 21 de la Ley 9/1992 de 30 abril de Mediación de Seguros Privados.

The Insurance Brokerage is Offshore Money Managers Correduría de Seguros S.L. and is registered with the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds Nº J-2126, in accordance with Law 9/1992 of 30th of April, holding obligatory Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover. Andalucian Dream Homes is an Appointed Representative of the Brokerage whose activities solely include the marketing and promotion of its insurance products in accordance with article 21 of the Private Insurance Mediation Law 9/1992 of 30th of April.